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Recruitment done, with STYLE

A couple of the Network Marketing team headed to a meet at Sedgefield Racecourse yesterday evening to take in the sights and sounds that the races had to offer – the rain even held off until the very…

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Sausage rolling with the punches

We all know brands that have not moved with the times and disappeared from the high street completely – companies such as Woolworths and HMV who did not embrace modern consumer habits and…

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Don't be so blinkin' rude!

We have been doing some knowledge sharing (ahem, chatting) here at Network Marketing about some of the most interesting interview situations we have been in throughout the years. While we have been lucky…

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Our review of #TheJobInterview (ep 3)

Week three saw the search for an Account Manager for a digital agency, Wow Zone, in Birmingham, and Concierge Coordinator for On Air Dining, offering quality food on private flights from Stansted.One…

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#TheJobInterview - our take on week 2!

Last night saw episode two of The Job Interview on Channel 4, with more interesting and quirky characters appearing.This week provided a number of key interview tips that we could not help but spot.…

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Jingle bells

In your head, I’d like you to read the web address below: www.networkmarketingjobs.com Okay, now try this: www.moonpig.com I don’t even need to say it do I? Deny it all you want, but you absolutely read…

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The Job Interview started on Channel 4 this week, showing real job seekers undertaking interviews with real life employers. The programme highlights the nerves, angst, fears and thought processes for…

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