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10 reasons why you should always be looking for the best talent

As marketers, your job becomes so much easier if you have the right people around you. To make sure that you’re continually surrounded by people with the vision and talent to take your business forward, you have to be on the lookout – you have to be recruiting, all the time.

Recruitment is not the same as hiring. Hiring is reactive and it’s a process – you’re employing someone to fill a gap. But recruitment is much more stealth than that. It’s about always looking, watching and putting energy into finding the talent that you and your business needs.

Here’s ten great reasons why you should always be recruiting:

  1. If you don’t snap up the best people, your competitors will. Real talent is rare and it’s precious - don’t let people with potential slip through the net.
  2. The people that you have on board will decide how successful your business will be, both now and in the future. Build a pool of talent that you can dip into when you need to, so that you always have a strong team of people around you.
  3. Everyone can access the same technology, products or services, but people can’t be copied. They are the unique driving force of the best businesses.
  4. The best talent can turn up at any time and recruiters get to hear about them first. Make sure your preferred supplier knows the people you’d be interested in talking to.
  5. You may need help to adapt to change. Short term projects like these need filling fast so dealing with the right recruiter who knows those hard to find people is key.
  6. Prevent business stagnation. New viewpoints, ideas and energy, will invigorate your business. Keep pushing, adapting and changing, and bring in fresh perspectives to keep moving forward.
  7. Your business doesn’t need to suffer from long-term vacancies. If you’re constantly recruiting then you’ll already have talented people on standby if a staff member leaves or if you need to expand quickly.
  8. Constantly recruiting gives you control over the hiring process. You don’t need to hire someone as knee-jerk reaction to a staffing gap, and you don’t need to hire anyone you’re not completely sure about.
  9. It saves you money. If you have a good group of candidates ready to go, you reduce the hidden cost of recruiting – time!
  10. It prepares you for the unknown. It can be impossible to tell exactly when you’ll need new people - for example, you might suddenly have a skills gap as new technology emerges.

Be prepared for anything.

If you are always recruiting then you are protecting your business, because you’ll have access to the best talent whenever you need it. Talk to us about the types of people you look for and we can start to put that talent pipeline in place for you.

We have amazingly skilled and passionate marketers registering with us all the time, so our talent pool ensures you’ll have the best and brightest candidates put forward for any roles your business needs to fill.


Julie's our go to person for all of the operations within the business, although that's not to say that she hasn't still got some great relationships with clients. She set up our creative recruitment business back in 2004 and has been leading operations ever since. Never one to shirk on buying a round at the bar, she'll more than likely be the last one standing.