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Can blogging help you land a new marketing job?

Our clients are always looking for the best candidates for marketing jobs, but how do you prove that you’re the best? Could blogging really help you get to the top of the pack?

It’s a statement of fact that potential employers will check your social media accounts so if your blog is featured there’s a good chance they’ll come across it, so a blog really is a great place for you to showcase your work, your writing skills, and your achievements. It creates a place where all the attention is focussed on YOU, and this is a rare gift when you’re looking for a new marketing job.

Present yourself well

Being able to market yourself and create a successful blog goes a long way to proving that you have the right skills for a marketing career. It backs up everything that you say on your CV and in your interview, and it allows employers to get to know you, both before and after meeting you at the interview stage.

Introduce yourself to future employers

You can use your blog to engage and work with large companies and potential future employers. There are networking events you can attend and collaborative projects you can get involved with. But it might even be as simple as engaging with them on social media and commenting on their blog posts whilst leaving a link to your own.

Evidencing your skills

Your blog allows you to show off your skills and it provides you with the perfect talking points for your interview. It’s a great way to show that you can create engaging, relevant and interesting content that is targeted to your audience. Have you created a successful series of articles, or done product giveaways, competitions etc. Any campaign or marketing strategy you’ve used is great experience. You can talk about what has worked well, and what you have learned from things that didn’t go so well.

Experience of advertising

Play around with your landing page and banner ads to see what works best for your blog. Again, this will inform your answers when you get to the interview stage and it provides hard evidence to back up your points. This is your work – it’s not a group project that you’ve only been a small part of. You own it completely.

Experience can trump qualifications

Whether you have qualifications that aren’t relevant to marketing, you are just starting out or you’re looking to change careers, having a blog can put you a step ahead of the rest. Our clients are always interested in people’s experience, because this is how you learn best. A blog is a great asset and it evidences your skills.

Broaden your skills

When you first start out, you probably won’t know everything you need to know about blogging straight away. However, by learning as you go you’ll soon have experience and skills in: writing, marketing, social media, advertising, research, networking and communication. It may be that you find you have a flair and enjoyment for one of these things so it could help you to define your career direction too.

What are you waiting for?

Start a blog today, but make sure you’re serious about it and willing to put the time in. Do it well and it will really make you shine.


Richard is the CEO of The Marketing Optimist a specialist marketing consultancy based in Yorkshire. He specialises in helping businesses apply agile marketing strategies to deliver ROI.