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Day 10 - What NOT to do in Interviews

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Well, we've made it to Day 10 of our Top Tips for your Career in 2013 - if you've missed any of them then get started here. If you're serious about your career we guarantee you'll get real benefit from following our guidelines. We've talked a lot about what you should do to get to the point where you're being interviewed for your ideal job - but what should you NOT do?? Here's our Top 10 Fun Countdown to round things off...

10. If you're dressed for business, no white socks!

white socks

9. Don't take a picture of the person interviewing you into the interview - you'll look like a stalker like Jed on the Alan Partridge show

8. Don't take drugs prior to interview - remember Spud on Trainspotting

7. Don't turn up in the clothes you went out in the night before

Alex Reed

6. Don't take your other half with you...


5. No last minute cigarettes


4. Don't leave your phone on


3. No over-zealous wonderbras

1995 Wonderbra Hello Boys

2. No 'effing' and 'jeffing'!


1. Don't forget to smile!  


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