The Disaster Skype Interview

The Disaster Skype Interview


Recently we have seen an increase of candidates considering relocating for jobs to the North of England. Not just from down South, but we’ve even helped candidates over the past couple of months relocate from across Europe.

And in 2018, over 340,000 people left London to live in another part of the UK, a record number of people since 2012. The migration of large employers like the BBC and Channel 4 are fuelling this mass migration.

This can have implications for arranging interviews however, technology could be your friend.  But how do you make sure it doesn’t turn in to a disaster?

  1. Test your video and audio well before your interview, no technical difficulties here!


  1. Elevate your laptop so you’re not staring down into the camera – we don’t want you looking like you’re taking a nap halfway through!


  1. Dress professionally. Even though you may be at home for the interview, still dress professionally for the camera. Even if it is just your top half looking smart!


  1. Position yourself at a table or desk with a neutral background & check the lighting in the room is good for the video stream.


  1. Close all other apps on your laptop, silence your phone and turn off vibrate. No distractions!


  1. Make sure you have a copy of your CV to hand so you can refer back to it throughout the course of the interview. Your interviewer will have one so this will be helpful to keep the conversation flowing and to help you talk through your experience.


  1. Stick post-it’s around your laptop or computer with prompts of what you want to say and questions you want to ask your interviewer. This helps so you don’t have to keep looking elsewhere for your notes. But don’t cover the camera!!


  1. Make sure no one else is coming into the room for the duration of the interview, we don’t want a repeat of the below!


  1. Have a pen and paper to hand. Make sure you’re prepared to take notes about what the next steps are and any information you may find useful!


  1. And finally, don’t forget to talk to the camera, not the screen!


If you need any advice on preparing for this kind of interview we’re always here to help. Get in touch with us to help with your job search or have a look through our roles here >>