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The lowdown on graduate marketing jobs


In 2019 over 0.5 million graduates are about to throw their mortarboards in the air and their CV’s on to any number of job boards in the hope of finding that perfect first step on their career ladders. 

From what I can remember from University, graduates get lots of skills to take into the working world, however, they aren’t 100% sure on where and what to apply for.

Last year I graduated from University and was frantically applying for any job that had the slightest bit of relevance to my degree. I asked my tutors what kind of roles I should be applying, for now, I had graduated. I remember one tutor, in particular, saying “urrrrm, well, probably Account Manager or Social Media Manager, something like that.” So I took his advice and then I couldn’t understand why I was getting rejected.

Well, it was simply because I only had 1 years work experience under my belt with a part-time job at Claire’s Accessories to keep me going (nothing to do with marketing but I did get to dress up like a fairy every other weekend!)

If you’re like me a year ago and don’t quite understand what job titles mean or what roles require what skills within the marketing sector, here’s the low down:

Entry Level roles will usually have an annual salary of around £16k-£18k slightly more in London and will more often than not use the word ‘assistant’ or ‘executive’ for their title.

Marketing Executive/Account Executive

Marketing Executives contribute to/ develop integrated campaigns to promote a product, service or idea. Marketing Executives roles are found both client-side and Account Executives in agencies.

Skills and responsibilities:

  • project management
  • liaise with design teams to ensure the creation, production and delivery of all marketing materials
  • support marketing teams in the creation of materials/pitches
  • co-ordinate website content amends and update website/blogs
  • interested in post-campaign analytics and weekly/monthly reporting
  • copywriting
  • the ability to work at tight deadlines
  • a passion for testing and evaluating new ideas and new creative
  • skills in IT and social media
  • communication and interpersonal skills


PR Account Executive

As a PR Account Executive, it would be your role to write and promote topical stories to the media. You will aim to influence people’s opinion or behaviour on a certain product or company. It would also be your responsibility to promote and protect your clients' reputation through mediums such as news, press releases and product placements.

Skills and responsibilities:

  • writing skills are the key in this role
  • dealing with journalists and the wider media
  • analytical and problem-solving skills
  • up to date on the latest new stories & current affairs (good to identify client opportunities etc)
  • good written and spoken English
  • understand how to write press releases and what they are used for
  • excellent organisational skills
  • creativity
  • excellent computer and internet skills

Social Media Executive

Now, this isn’t just a role for someone who uses Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for personal use. (Yes, we have had people ask ‘I use social media for myself, would I be considered?’) This is someone who has an understanding of using social media platforms as a way to promote and advertise a brand or product.

Skills and responsibilities:

  • experience of using social media platforms for professional/business purposes
  • able to analyse social media activity to identify social trends
  • ability to create campaign ideas and work with marketing/creatives to make sure content is of a high standard
  • ability to monitor and analyse social trends
  • experience of using social media monitoring tools
  • ability to develop a social media strategy

Network Marketing specialises in the recruitment of Marketing, Digital, Technical and Creative roles across Leeds, Manchester and London. Clients come to us for the best of the best when it comes to marketing professionals, unfortunately, this means that we rarely get entry-level roles. But that doesn’t mean we can’t help you.


So, here’s our checklist for how to take the next step in your career:


  1. Perfect your CV – here’s our advice on how to create the best CV
  2. Get your LinkedIn profile up to scratch – you must have had some experience that demonstrates your employability. Every future employer will look at this!
  3. Contact your local graduate recruitment agencies. Search the job boards (Indeed, Reed, Total Jobs etc.) to find agencies in your area that have jobs and apply.
  4. Make sure you load your CV onto the job boards, this way recruiters and employers can search for your skills and come across your CV
  5. If you know the sector you’d like to work in – then go for it – contact the companies directly, they’ll love someone who uses their initiative.



Georgia graduated from The University of Huddersfield with a degree in Journalism and works in the Network Marketing team in Leeds as digital marketing executive. She has a passion for writing, so you’ll see lots of social media and blog posts from her! When she’s not at work you can usually find her with a pink gin and tonic in her hand or bopping around the Stone Roses Bar.